About us

Emblecat is a platform created on 1st April 2010 by people who wanted to research into art studies and to deepen and widen them by using iconography and emblems as tools to read about and explain the different artistic disciplines.

The Catalan Association of Emblem Studies, Art and Society was set up by a group of researchers and dilettanti who are interested in studying the symbolic culture of all historical periods, countries and languages, paying special attention to Catalonia.

Emblecat’s members research into the iconographic influence of classical bibliography, and into documental and printed sources in art and graphical work, in order to discover how some models and ideas have changed or have been kept through time, creating new writings and new sources which are present in art, music, literature, aesthetics; in short, in culture. This involves looking for bonds with tradition by looking at attributes and, mainly, documental sources that help to explain the images. Emblecat encourages the exchange of studies between the different research disciplines: iconography, heraldry, history, literature, anthropology, art, philosophy, philology, psychology… the fields of the humanities and even science: botany, medicine, mathematics, etc.

Meet our team: